A Virtual Walk Through Barcelona, Spain

 A Virtual Walk Through Barcelona, Spain

All Photos taken by Andrei Buliga

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I’d never been to Spain, never really spoke of going, definitely hadn’t considered going solo…


But as the end of 2019 was closing in, Barcelona’s beauty just kept coming to me. Mostly popping up on my timeline and searches (creepy algorithms). 

I was literally in the Chicago airport flying back to Los Angeles during the Thanksgiving holiday and saw a flight deal and said to myself, “I’m going.” Flight and Air BnB booked.

I had an idea of Barcelona in my mind: a feminine, historic city. One of those cities that radiates during the day, and sparkles at night. I’d come across a very informative blog (Barcelonahacks.com) a while back, had taken some notes and felt I was ready to see for myself this city that seemed to call to me.

Going solo, I wanted to make sure I really was able to take in all the city had to offer.

I knew the only way to do this was by connecting with a local. Because I’d seen so many beautiful photos of Barcelona through various Instagram accounts I follow, I decided to scroll the Gram and search for a photographer that could capture the true beauty of the city.

I introduce you to Andrei Buliga and invite you to take a virtual tour through our gallery.

Spotify Barcelona Playlist: The Capricious Traveler

Capricious Vibes: Barcelona

Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Urban, Reggaeton, Spanish... The music of Barcelona took me around the world.

From my favorite song (Yellow by ColdPlay) in the world being sung right in front of the Gothic Church to ebbing and webbing through the crowds at La Rambla to the bright and vibrant colors and scents at Mercado de La Boqueria, our walk through the city amplified the beauty of it all.

Andrei was a great guide, an excellent resource, and a phenomenal photographer. He effortlessly captured the energy and essence of a city so diverse, where turning one corner opened you up to what sometimes felt like a whole new world. It was a mesmerizing experience, really, and one I hope you can feel through our photo journal below.

Will you be traveling to Barcelona soon and want to capture your memories? Connect with Andrei here.

A Virtual Walk Through Barcelona

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The Capricious Traveler

The Capricious Traveler


It is discovery that excites me when it comes to traveling, in all of its whimsical, unpredictable, inconstant and changeable ways. Whether it’s a 45 minute or a 10-hour flight, the unknown is always right outside your door.

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